Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ways to pass the time

I am looking for new ways to pass the time with my daughter during the day. She is only 8 weeks old so she loves to eat and sleep. We bought her one of those little gyms with the music and stuffed toys, but she has a hard time with it. Have any other ideas? It just seems like I don't do anything with her. Is this normal? She is doing alot of noise making so I think she wants to do something.


  1. When you say she's 'doing a lot of noise', is it happy noise - or otherwise? She may be just experimenting with the noises she can make. You don't really need to buy a lot of expensive activity toys at that age. The most important thing you can do with her is talk to her, sing to her, play the sort of peekaboo games with her that she will gradually learn to respond to and generally interact with her. But also give her some space!

  2. By now your baby must be around 6 months old.......She must really keep you on your toes!
    I like the suggestion from Judy, good one! :D I'm a fan!